Some basic stuff for beginners...

Here’s a video aimed mainly at beginners.  I hope you learn something useful.

Feedback is welcome.




In the second trick, through where do you pass the yoyo? I keep getting into a funky GT

If this is for beginners, then i REALLY want to see your version of advanced ;D

Not 100% sure which one you mean, but…

1st trick is just a wrap around the bearing, which is then unwrapped. 2nd trick, but in the same clip is a double-on, and 3rd is a series of overmounts (Trapeze) and undermounts. Trapeze goes over your index, then when you pop back the string should hit your middle finger.

Hope that clarifies? It’s all quite linear.

@ Nemyo… Yeah, I just get a bit overwhelmed by all these new kids who after 2 months can do stuff I’ve been working on for the last 5 years! Intermediate then? Advanced?

Lol I’ve been yoing for like 4 months =D

^ Well then, welcome to the coolest thing in the universe!

Cool. I really like the second one


@ gyiry - sorry, I got confused there, the 2nd trick is a little funky. Once you’ve spread the Trapeze, pop the yoyo out away from you, then pop it onto the front string that comes off your index finger and you’re back in Trapeze. There’s a nice shortcut to a Double GT here, but we’ll save that for another day :wink:

Enjoyed the relaxed style of play. Sick stuff bro

Video is awesome :slight_smile:

When the video first started, I honestly thought you were gonna teach me how to be a vegan hipster and eat tiny tomatoes lol that, and also basic beginner stuff I could already do…but boy was I wrong about both of those things! This is one of the greatest tutorial videos I have ever seen, and I really like how you went in a linear order, and also at the end combining everything, showing the basics of how freestyles work, is just something every beginner/intermediate/advanced player needs to be learning, especially me. Thank you very much for taking the time out to make this video, and I really hope that you make another one really soon.

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Thanks genji, I appreciate the feedback, makes it so much easier for me to know what does and doesn’t work for the next video.

Look me up if you’re in South Africa, and I’ll teach you to eat tomatoes with swagger (from my own garden). There are a few things I’m not happy with, but I’m pretty happy with the video considering it was done in a day I was off work.

I see such a drive for people wanting to learn complete “tricks”, so part of my motivation was to show that learning relatively simple elements can be useful and cool too, and can spice up your playing.

I support QYT, Quantum Yo Theory. This is a concept Mark McBride came up with way back when. Basically, break tricks down into their smallest units (quantums), and learn those, then you can piece the quantums together however you like, creating your own style. He even wrote a book on it. Some of it is a bit dated, but any serious yoyo player should try track down a copy of The Yonomicon, so much good stuff there…

If you haven’t already, please check out my youtube (, there’s a tutorial for The Gallows you might find interesting.

I’ll do my best to update when I have more time off work :wink: And of course, if there are any specific concepts you are struggling with, let me know…


This has some good repeater stuff to do for practice. Gives me more tings to do now to sharpen up. Thanks!

Thanks so much for this! I saw a few things in there that I’ve seen in other videos by my favorite yoyo-ers and just thinking, “WAIT? WHAT TRICK IS THAT? HOW DO THEY DO THAT MOVE?!” and then I can’t find a tutorial for it anywhere. I’ve really been focusing more on elements lately too. So I’m nomnoming this.


And I subscribed. ;D

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Thanks for the feedback guys, and thanks for the subscription Reebi - definitely motivates me to do more.

Maybe some Wrist Mount stuff next…

I’m really happy you found the video useful :wink:

Frodoslair, would you mind doing me one favor in your next video if you know how to do it. I’ve seen Kota Watanabe do it in a lot of his videos, and it looks amazing. It would be really great if you could break the trick down. It’s a green triangle hop, where you go into a GT, and then hop in and out of it. Here is a video of him doing it

it’s at 1:25 seconds. Thanks!

^^ It’s not hard at all once you understand how GTs work - though Kota is ridiculously smooth and makes it look real good. I’ve always loved Kota, his playing just seems so “solid”.

Instead of just doing that though, maybe I should do a video on how GTs work - how to get in, how to get out, and what really needs to happen to make a GT?