what tricks to learn?

i’m fairly new to yoyoing (about 3 months or so) and i need to know what trick i should learn next. my friend tells my more GT’s, but i can’t find any youtube videos.

a few tricks i know are postulio, gyroscopic flop, and a few more difficult tricks that my friends made up. thanks for the help in advance!

check out rethink yoyo or sector y for some tricks.


There is a very good set up tricks with tutorials on this site.

I’d say double or nothing slack or trapeeze and brother slack. I can make tutorials if you want.

Yeah, but he wants to learn some basic ways to get into a GT. Here’s a tutorial for that http://www.youtube.com/user/YoYoSkills#p/c/48AD0741D37212AB/16/p2iGqneV4Wc:

this was the first GT i learned. i know about 3 now. any others? i’m sure there are a ton i don’t know. thanks.