What is this?

What the heck did he just do? O_O whip, and… O_O??? What?

And can anyone explain how did he go from flop to GT in 0:17-0:19? O_O


0:20-0:23 looked like a flop to me. But… What is that?

Yeah that’s all for now. A lot of questions. Sorry.  :-\

On the 2nd vid, yeah its a flop, but with the strings in the opposite direction (vertical instead of horizontal) so then it flopped around a different axis.

On the first, at the :56 thing, it looks like he puts the string around his NTH finger and then pops the yoyo up a bit so that the string is under the yoyo, i.e. trapeze.

No clue on the GT thing.

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Hmm any tut on that, Apetrunk? :smiley:

On the vertical flop thing? Not sure what he did, but if you want to do the same thing, set up for a regular flop and rotate your hands so that the strings are vertical instead of horizontal and then flop like normal.

Try downloading it of youtube and slowing it down in like Vegas or AE

Yeah downloaded it. But everytime I watch it I end up admiring it instead =.=


OK I have no idea about what he did but you could PM (personal message) Andre.

First trick is something kind of like a sidestyle wormhole but has some extra flourish to it. I tried it and its not too difficult, but very cool.

2nd trick you asked about is a flop done backwards so you end up in a GT like set-up, the pop back and back down makes the gt appear more suddenly then just picking up one string.

3rd trick you asked about is a trick called “Hanger” which normally doesn’t have the flop but getting the flop is learned quickly once hanger is mastered.


J!! Post a tutorial on those three tricks? Pretty pleaseeeee!!!??