What is this?


What the heck did he just do? O_O whip, and… O_O??? What?

And can anyone explain how did he go from flop to GT in 0:17-0:19? O_O


0:20-0:23 looked like a flop to me. But… What is that?

Yeah that’s all for now. A lot of questions. Sorry.  :-\


On the 2nd vid, yeah its a flop, but with the strings in the opposite direction (vertical instead of horizontal) so then it flopped around a different axis.

On the first, at the :56 thing, it looks like he puts the string around his NTH finger and then pops the yoyo up a bit so that the string is under the yoyo, i.e. trapeze.

No clue on the GT thing.


Hmm any tut on that, Apetrunk? :smiley:


On the vertical flop thing? Not sure what he did, but if you want to do the same thing, set up for a regular flop and rotate your hands so that the strings are vertical instead of horizontal and then flop like normal.

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Try downloading it of youtube and slowing it down in like Vegas or AE


Yeah downloaded it. But everytime I watch it I end up admiring it instead =.=

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OK I have no idea about what he did but you could PM (personal message) Andre.

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First trick is something kind of like a sidestyle wormhole but has some extra flourish to it. I tried it and its not too difficult, but very cool.

2nd trick you asked about is a flop done backwards so you end up in a GT like set-up, the pop back and back down makes the gt appear more suddenly then just picking up one string.

3rd trick you asked about is a trick called “Hanger” which normally doesn’t have the flop but getting the flop is learned quickly once hanger is mastered.



J!! Post a tutorial on those three tricks? Pretty pleaseeeee!!!??