What it this trick?


1:13-1:14 (that trick where the yoyo bounces)

What tricks are those?  :-
Someone help?

i dont think they are official tricks,just something he whiped up for a freestyle.if i had to throw a name on it it would have to be a trapeeze 5a transfer.

Dang… I swear those tricks look awesome and was hoping someone would link me to a tut :-\

First one is just going between trapeze and reverse trapeze with the CW flying around, 2nd is eli hops, and last is just something he made up. If you want to learn that last one, you’ll just have to watch it over and over again. Sorry.

Hmm… Can you explain how’d he go between trapeze and reverse trapeze? :-
Sorry I’m a sucka at this

Do you know what a reverse trapeze is? Instead of landing on top of the string, you hit it from underneath and it will go over your finger. Basically a 1.5 mount, but on your NTH.

Yeah I know what’s a reverse trapeze… but how to switch between them? O.o

Pop off the trapeze, either put your index finger on the other side of the string or just use your middle finger, and go into reverse trapeze.

Lolz thanks. ;D
Why didn’t I think of that :-\

The first trick you requested is Asian pops, just in trapeze.

Oohhh lala thanks!! ;D