What's that trick... ?

I cannot figure out what that trick is where you swing into a trapeze sort of thing, it bounces off, and lands on the other side of the string, also into a trapeze thing, but really fast. I am only on Advanced One, and I want to learn this trick. Anyone know what it is?

Are you talking about “Trapeze and his Brother”?  If so, here’s a tutorial:


Sorry, not what I was looking for.

Could you try being a bit more clear. I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

The first one?

Show us where you saw the trick in the first place.

Sorry, still not it. I’ll be more clearin my next post. Here, let me search some yo-yo videos and i’ll tell you the link and when to pause it.


I already know rewind, thats not it. Never mind, I’ll find it, but thanks for your help.

Where did you see the trick? Just try to explain it.

Why do I feel like landing in trapeze and rolling into an undermount for a bind is what you’re thinking of?

Could he MAYBE be talking about Ping Pong? ???

Are you thinking of the Zipper?

Are you talking about the first trick?

skin the gerbil…?