Solved thanks (5A tilting issues)

Hi, well I thought I’d get started on E fan, but I have a major issue here

so what happens is when I start looping the CW with my throw hand, the string from my throw hand to the yoyo is not aligned anymore, therefore the yoyo tilts and also I can’t land on the string anymore

so is it a normal process and it’ll go away with practice or am I doing something wrong ?

PS: I watched the 15 min tutorial on youtube, but I don’t see the tilting mentionned anywhere

so I’ve been practicing, I think it’s just THAT hard ;D but I’ll get it eventually

try and keep your hands in line, but make the CW travel on an angle… think like this

cw> q


yoyo^ hand ^

I roll my efand with my hand in a fist, and the fan spinning from my pink. The trapeze stays straight, because your hands are straight, but the cw isnt spinning parallel to the mount, but to an angle to it.

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I totally know what you mean, the only times I can make something happen is when the CW doesn’t spin exactly parralel to the yoyo

but I’m not comfortable with the fist grip and I actually do the reverse of what you do, I go palm up and the CW side is my thumb side (still outside tho)

I was wondering if that could be a problem later on or if I could keep going this way

the issue of tilting happens a lot when I try and go parallel with the CW

thank you for confirming that something that I thought was wrong, ends up to actually be right.

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