Solidarity for Small Business Owners

As some of you are aware, I started my own business at this time in 2018. I have been really struggling to get off the ground, but felt I was finally turning a corner when this rug got pulled out from under me.

Anybody else here in the same boat? I suppose YYE is a small business? Most yoyo manufacturers as well…

How are you holding up?

What strategies are you looking at to get through this?

I have an SBA backed loan; which was expensive up front, but I’m told they already have money put aside for loan holders like me, especially since I am in essentially a hospitality business.

I think I may also take the option my loaning bank has of doing 3 interest only mortgage payments.

Right now I’m able to make some revenue, but I know California just locked down. Also, they’ve shut down bars, and restaurants can only do take out here. I’m a bit surprised they haven’t shut down event spaces; which is a big chunk of our revenue.


I’m sorry that things are really hard got you at the moment @Myk_Myk, I hope soon that everything clears up and you will be having some steady income again. I’m happy to send some yoyos you want that you can pay for at a later date if you want (when I can make them).

Me? Well I’ve got a pretty secure work situation at the moment. I guessing that people will not want to buy any of my yoyos for a while though. That’s no problem, I’ll just make a ton and they will be there for people when they want them again.


Even though I am retired I worry about it every day. When watching our governor give his daily update on the moves he is making to secure the state from the virus I keep thinking “Does he not care what a total collapse of the economy will do to people?” Isolation is not a cure, just a delay. I understand that a delay can help keep our medical facilities from being overrun, but what happens in five years when the economy has collapsed and people cannot afford food and medicine? What happens when the government cannot continue to support Medicaid and Medicare because there is no tax base? Everyone is thinking about next month. No one is thinking about next year.


It’s a tough time for most businesses, especially those with high fixed costs and debt.

I say most, because some business might be in a fortuitous position to take advantage of a population in isolation, for example delivery serivces.

All businesses should be trying to adapt to the reality facing us where possible.

Wishing you everything of the best in these difficult times!


Yeah, there are a lot of businesses struggling with all of this which is sad to see. We’re lucky to be an online business with only 4-6 employees in the office any given day. In a fairly large space with plenty of room to distance too. As long as USPS and FedEx keep delivering packages and people keep shopping online from home we should be able to continue safely.


Same here. I just started full time as a freelance graphic designer. It was a side thing for a bit but my degree is in media arts so I finally took the plunge. It was my endgame to run my own “business”. I was gearing up for a few nice contracts on the year so I could afford to keep going but with all this craziness that halted everything. And I don’t mind. No one wants to pay for professional logos or business cards during times of uncertainty. For now I wait. I develop new marketing strategies. I plan my outreach. I take it day by day and hope my time spent at college wasn’t for nothing.


Super happy to hear that YYE has a positive outlook. The only other website that competes for my hobby money is, and they unfortunately have had to shutter the warehouse and office until the situation resolves itself :cry:


I owned a small consulting company (3 employees + myself) for 15 years until my health scare 5 years ago. I closed the business and took a research position at a national lab and am able to telecommute as long as needed.

I have complete sympathy for those of you in this unfortunate position, I know exactly how you feel. @Glenacius_K and @YoYoExpertGarrett I’m going to keep buying yoyos!


Please consider supporting artists during this time as well!

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, until midnight, pacific time, is waiving their fee so more of the money goes directly to artists. Some ideas: pre-order the Coriky (DC punk, Fugazi members) album, get the new Steven Julien (analog electro) single, get some Andrew Chalk (drone, gauzy ambient), or whatever you like…


Ok… my turn>

You are missing something in your logic.

And since I might even be older than you(?); it’s not like I am trying to be disrespectful to older people.

I spent many years giving lectures in Effective Communication. My punctuation sucks pretty bad. But amazingly, when speaking in public; you use no punctuation. You just speak, lol.

Isolation is a necessary delay. To hold down the number of new cases while working around the clock for a solution. It is not a ‘delay’ just for the sake of delaying and doing nothing.

The Corona virus strain we are dealing with is a contact and close proximity disease. By nature of that description; logic dictates to keep down the number of new cases. You have to limit its’ exponential increase.

Often I draw pictures with words to allow folks to sort of wrap their heads around a reality.

Example> here is a picture for your consideration. 1000 potted 6ft. Christmas trees spaced 2 feet away from or another, branch tip to tip. One tree in the very far corner catches fire. There is no cross breeze to move the fire. But the closeness of the trees is the perfect storm to facilitate the fire spreading.

…For whatever reason you cannot immediately figure out a way to put out the fire. So how do you attempt to save the other 999 trees? You put some distance between the burning tree and those not yet on fire.

… You are not immediately ‘solving the problem’. But you are keeping the fire from spreading while simultaneously giving yourself some time to come up with ‘the solution’.

There are 3 ways to classify the status of a contagious situation. 1. static(cases noted but not increasing). 2. Spiraling downward(cases resolving and new cases decreasing in number). 3. Spiraling upward; gradually or exponentially(cases increasing dramatically).

Shutting down is not a plot to ruin the economy. It may ruin the economy(I’m not arguing that).
But shutting down most activities where people ‘gather’ is like moving the ‘infected tree’ away from the others so the ‘fire’ can’t spread.

Remove the emotion from the equation. If we let this virus get out of complete control and people start dropping like flies. Then is that the better answer. So the people that survive can choose sides at that point. Some of the survivors can run businesses. And the other survivors can either become employees or patrons.

This Corona Virus strain will kill a percentage of whatever final number of people that get infected. The greater the spread, the greater number of dead.

…So, you have to STOP the spread. You have to shut down the transmitters and the potential receivers.

The primary focus at this point is to hold down the number of new cases while they actively look for a way to resolve this virus.

…If we were all on a giant jet plane right now that was suddenly losing altitude. With everyone from dishwashers to Company CEO’s on board.

Would you focus more energy on losing your fortune or losing your life? If the pilot came out of the cockpit and shouted, ‘It looks like we are going down. Anybody have a bright idea’?

Would you just dwell on your livelihood and long term future? Or would you focus on your immediate future by surviving?

If we don’t isolate in this short game. And try to think optimistically that a solution will be found.

We might as well just leave that burning tree right next to all the other trees.

Cuz we’re all toast, then.

First step is to to move the Virus Status to #1 or #2. Either few new cases or no new cases.

We gotta get this plane over the mountain top.

If… if we don’t attack this situation in the proper way; there will far too many funerals to attend. And little time left to patronize a Business anyways.

So, here is the plan> we need to do whatever we can to minimize the spread of this Virus. While we are trying to discover a method of eradicating it.

Option 1
We don’t know what our ‘economy’ will be like on the other side of the mountain?
But we All have to participate in making it over the top.

Option 2
If we just work against each other. We will slam right into the mountain and it won’t matter.

…Let’s go with Option 1.

Now, where is that Pilot?


In denial and blissfully asleep at the wheel… :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:


Im a self employed chiropractor. Ive had 100% cancellations this week. Not sure what to do but i have to figure out a way to reinvent my business and roll with it. Hopefully wwr can all remain civil and help eachother out in general. Life if going to change and that’s probably the only constant. Good luck everyone.


Thank you! I’m growing weary of explaining this, but can’t bring myself to just scroll by and ignore the ignorance in some comments, it’s too important.


to doc’s point, and i’m an advocate and supporter of small businesses by all means. preliminary estimates were showing an approximate 1% mortality rate, which may not seem like much, 7% for high risk folks (diabetics, etc.). california’s governor estimated over half of the population (56%) of almost 40M contracting the virus.

that is a rough estimate of 200,000 dead in the state of California alone if the virus is allowed to spread - a virus we’re still trying to determine exact mortality rates for, treatment methods, methods of transmission, etc… that is growing around the globe exponentially… except china… i’m staying home


I’m a manager for a small business that does fire alarm service and inspections. We have had many cancelling inspections and the service calls have slowed down. I’m doing everything I can to keep my field staff working but also stressing that social distancing is important. A majority of them worry about the situation and being able to pay their bills if work stops. This is a very confusing time. I feel like most businesses don’t k ow how to respond to all of this. I’m in Massachusetts where bars & restaurants are closed except take out and no gatherings over 25 people. We are looking to our state government for guidance. As a service company with technicians that travel all over the state, it’s a bit of a worry that it could spread but we are stressing to our staff to follow protocols that are in place.

I don’t know what things will look like on the other end of this but I’m staying optimistic that the steps we are taking will make this a short term hump and things will bounce back strong when this virus has passed, whenever that happens.


I admit to having thoughts like, “Each of us is going to die one day.” “Disease is a natural part of life, and ultimately makes us stronger as a species.” “It might be best just to let this run it’s course.”

However we are not numbers, I certainly don’t relish the thought of losing any of my loved ones. Actually I’m a bit more scared of the opposite. Personally, I’m not so scared of dying, but the thought of my 9yo, 13yo, and even 31yo sons growing up without a Father and/or Mother is what I feel most motivated to prevent.

The super wild fires in California, might not have happened if smaller ones were allowed to run their course. However, what are you supposed to say? “Sorry people. We’re letting your houses burn down, so that a greater number of houses don’t burn down in the future!”

As to diseases being natural, we don’t even know where this came from. I’m not usually one for conspiracy theories, but I was reading an article that said the evidence points to COVID 19, originating from two different viruses merging, and no one knows where or how that first happened… I truly hope this thing wasn’t man made!

The thing I have to wonder, is if these seemingly 1/2 measures are not the worst of both worlds? The economy is still being decimated, and the virus is still spreading. I’m not in a place to second guess, so I’ll follow whatever the current recommendations are, and try to use common sense. It’s just obvious that people are all over the place with their beliefs about this thing, and so I just wonder if a total immediate lock down would have been better?


Same here. Bars and restaurants are closed, but my event space isn’t? Is that an oversight? Why does it all seem so haphazard?

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Yoyodoc is spot on.
Most of us are going to get the virus at some point, most of us are going to recover. The problem is if we all get sick at the same time then thats where the problems arise.
Flu carries off about 20,000 ish people every year in the UK mostly elderly, and those with underlaying medical conditions. If there was an epidemic where everyone got it at the same time then this figure would be much much higher, because there wouldn’t be enough people or equipment to deal with it.
So follow the advice, wash hands, isolate if unwell, look out / take care of your neighbour.

More importantly whats with the panic buying of toiletr paper ? now thats freaky.


I wish you and your family only the best. I’m, uh, lucky, in that I am single, no kids, nobody I financially support and all I have to take care of is Buddy, an outdoor cat. All my family lives in GA, SC, and IL. My brother in IL has little kids and a wife so I feel for his situation. As for me, I do not fear or even worry about my own mortality and my only concern is that I do not catch or carry and pass This Thing to anyone else and hurt them.


@d34dj3d, what type of consulting did you do?

I have been taking my time this year figuring out how to launch a freelance research consulting business that I will run from home over the web. I have a fresh PhD in pathobiology and specialize in genome sequencing and parasitology. When I was a grad student, others would often ask me to help problem solve their research so I am hoping that I can market my skills in such a way that people will want to pay me to do the things that I love to do.

This current academic shut down will make start up a bit slower but it will give me more time to figure out what I’m doing. The current and coming recession will certainly affect the future academic climate, but I’m hoping that may favour more need-by-need transactions vs. long term research positions.