Anybody else been laid off due to the COViD

I was laid off from my job yesterday. Unbelievable. Has anyone else had to deal with this?


Not me, but my cousine who runs a store in the mall and is getting married in two weeks, had a visit from upper management. They told her to lock the doors and go home. The store is closing permantlly.


thats terrible man, i feel for you, i really do. im in the uk and the lengths the government have gone to to keep the country running has blown my mind. Grants and loans for businesses, 3 month mortgage holidays for people in trouble, paying 80% of wages for businesses to keep running and not lay employees off, 12 month suspension on businesses rates for businesses. super low interest rates on loans, an increase in money for unemplyed and low income families for 12 months and loads of help for medium and small businesses too. an initial cash inkection of 330 billion pounds to start with more help on the way. i am extremely impressed by what theyve done to help so far.


Wow. That is awesome.


This whole situation breaks my heart. As a solution-oriented person, I find myself deeply frustrated by how helpless I feel to do anything about it, apart from doing my best to not catch and spread the virus.


I just found out I am laid off until “at least 4/18” but will recieve full pay until 4/3.


I upgraded to unlimited data on my phone so I could chat here for a good part of the day. I live alone though. Can you and your girlfriend hang out together or is this thing keeping you in separate areas?


I heard there’s going to be an emergency relief fund, so tax-paying citizens can get up to 3000$ a monthnfor a family of 4 or something like that
1000$ for an individual

I got an extra 20gb added to my monthly hot spot data and a lot of game companies are having free giveaways, so it’s a great time for gamers lol


We live about 4 miles apart, and I am going to try and get to her twice a week.


My fiance was just forced to take unpaid leave for the next 3 weeks


Not LIKING that just acknowledging it. My best to you both!

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Oh man, all these stories are so sad, pandemic having effect on people’s employment. :frowning:


My heart really goes out to everyone affected by this economically. Having to worry about your employment and health insurance is the last thing anyone needs right now.


I went in to work the other day and the Boss told me to go home.

I told him I’m not sick; what’s up?

He told me that Headquarters sent out a directive that ‘all’ employees over 60 are at higher risk in our work setting.

They asked me to sign some ‘Safety Act’ paper… and then go home.

And here I am…


Oh man that sucks!!

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Ski resorts closed, (heavy sigh). Guess I’ll just hike to ski now! I miss seeing clients that have returned for so many years.


The theme park chain I work for is now anticipating mid-may opening as opposed to April 7 (our park was supposed to open tomorrow). Fortunately I’m still getting paid at this time. I haven’t heard anything but I am mentally preparing myself for this situation to get even uglier despite partaking in activities that keep my mind off of such.


I just got dropped no guarantee of returning and no severance pay. Went to the unemployment office and they were closed. Very strange times but I have total faith in God and honestly I can’t wait to see how this eventually turns out better for us for the glory of him.


Apply online 24/7! Make sure it is a .gov site!


I’m in sales, not getting laid off but a lot of my customers are closed for awhile, so monthly commissions will be slim for awhile.

But my wife and I live a very simple life, times like this I’m grateful for that, it really lessens the stress.