Solid yoyos


Hey everyone, so this is my first poll and first time considering buying a yoyo this expensive. I have listed a few I have found that are to my shape and size. I like H or V shapes mostly, and I want a full sized throw which is about the size of a supernova or theory. I will spend up to $100 MAXIMUM, no higher than that. And I will only buy it for the 100 if it is extremely good and is both shape and size that I like. I don’t go fast or horizontal that much so that won’t be a problem if the yoyo doesn’t do it that well. I want the yoyo to be solid playing. Thanks


Please help me, I want the yoyo within 2 weeks. Also, when you post on the poll, say why you would choose that yoyo over the others.


Some others worth consideration

Werrd 86400, tre
C3 dymension, glitter, movitation


Thanks for your help!

(velez_adrian) #5

Swyyc Nomad. Or a c3 dymension


If you really want solid the most solid in my collection atm is my dreadnoughtG but at 62mm diameter and 79 grams its pretty extreme! But it can sleep for close to 10 minutes! I wanna get a regular dreadnought to compare. if you do some digging on the bst you can find. One for a good deal, i traded my puffin 1 w a few pinpricks for mine :slight_smile:


pretty sure u can find the auldey magnum somewhere for under $100.


Werrd 86400 is 65 dollars and is amazing.

Here is a video about how plays