some regular poly 122 strings we had some extras of. again packs of 25, and we’re letting these ones go for $5 each. most of the cost is shipping prices. i will do all 150 strings for $22.

***5 packs left 1 blue pack sold the last 125 ill sell for $17

these are 102 strings. we missed a thread on a pack of 122’s. 50 strings for $6

these are yellow poly with green nylon 422’s. there are only 48 in this pack. nylon ran short on this one, 48 strings for $8

finally we have packs of 25 red/pink 422 strings. nothing wrong and not short, just ran 50 too many. packs of 25 422 strings are $5 each.

all prices include shipping. this is the last of the overruns till the next big order. thanks for the support and reviews!

im ready to do the rest of these for $22. over 200 strings for $22, and will make great deals if you only want a certain part of it