FT : 100% Regular Poly Bundles

I have several 100 string bundles to get rid of. These are highlights stuff. I use my own strings now so no need for these any longer. Make offer on all of it or part of it. Sale limited to per bundle only. I will not split up Chaos bundles. CASH via paypal.
Shipping $6.00 USPS PRIORITY MAIL. I do not ship outside the USA. I don’t have any trader points but alot of people can vouch for me on facebook. Just ask.

See colors available below:

100% Polyester - 100 strings per bundle

1 ea Neon Green $8 shipped
1 ea Purple $8 shipped
1 ea Twisted Red/Orange/Yellow $10 shipped
1 ea Twisted Green/Yellow $10 shipped
1 ea White $8 shipped

1 ea 50/50 Polyester $8 shipped
1 ea 100% Cotton

Chaos String:

155 ea 122’s various colors and mixes
110 ea 422’s various colors and mixes

Ballpark, how much for the whole lot?