special 4 day sale

these are 10-packs of chaos string (all 422). we are selling these in lieu of memorial day. $1 from each 10-pack sold is being donated to the local VFW (chapter 3233)

colors (from left to right) orange, sunset, purple/white, blue, white, red, pink, turquoise, baby bloo, black, green, yellow, and multi colored packs on the bottom

we have enough to not run out. there arent enough yoyoers in the world… the price for the packs of 10 is $2.00 they are the premium blends, and if you’d like, when you email me your paypal info for invoice you may change it to 122 format or 622 if you are familliar with our product, this is a great deal.

and these are packs of 3 new formats we might be selling pending positive feedback from the yoyoing community. these are FREE!!! (just pay us $0.50 postage)with the purchase of a 10-pack. we ask for a $1.00 donation toward our cause for anyone who just wants to test these strings. 100% of all donations go towards this cause. (would be on the sale as well if our materials were free)

each 10-pack will come with a 3-pack of testers. order as many as you like, but only one tester per order. although if you’re hellbent on getting more testers make multiple orders by all means.

on the back of the tags are written what format each color is, although they are red, white, and blue. make it simple. the memorial day string is only free today and tomorrow if you email me today with your paypal info and i will invoice everyone at midnight.

these will only be offered until friday, and after tomorrow the $1 donation is mandatory.

we will be meeting with the colonel at 12PM friday. sale ends friday morning at 6:00 AM

our email address is kaosyoyos@yahoo.com ( alternate is info@chaosyoyos.com or unclephreak@chaosyoyos.com although im not sure if our links are working.) questions/comments call (941) 384-7814

all orders will be shipped same day.

sorry about that, but it leaves me nothing to restock to do this if i have to pay 1.50 postage to send 50 strings. you will be charged a $2.00 shipping charge on orders over 1 pack. sorry, i have to. anyonw who already ordered i will ship as i said, but a couple of these leaves me in the negative (5 packs and such) over 5 packs will be charged $3.00

NEWS REGARDING THIS SALE: all orders and invoices must be paid before thursday @ midnight. we are ending the sale earlier because of time restraints.

oh, and bump :wink: