thats right, free strings, there is info on how to obtain these in the BST section, but we thought it relevant to post here because this is special. all donated proceeds are going toward our local VFW chapter 3233 the donations are NOT FOR PROFIT

weve adopted some new policies here at chaosyoyos, and we decided every 2 months we are going to pick a worthwhile cause or charity and have a special sale for a week.

why do we do this? because we need to be proactive in our local community as a responsible business as well as the yoyoing community. this is not a scam, and friday we will post our own coverage as well as any local or national news coverage from our preceeds.

the colors are in lieu of memorial day, and we’re trying to see what we can raise. we are also going out in person for 2 hours today to collect donations as well. we will also be posting foootage of this later tonight.

we are asking for $1 donation toward our cause, but i know there are some indigent yoyoers out there, and we understand this because a lot of kids who yoyo dont have real jobs or for whatever reason $1 is too much to ask, we will send them for free. (send us your paypal info tho because we will invoice you for the $0.50 postage. free in a sense i guess.) 100% of all donated proceeds go toward the above mentioned cause.
no donations accepted after this friday morning free stays till next.

each pack has 3 strings in it. one tester of each new format. anyone may sign up for it. please send message with your paypal info (note if same as email address) to if interested. in about a week we will be putting up polls for favorites, and collect constructive criticism from anyone who wishes to participate.

im sorry for the double post, but i do hope it grabs the mod’s attention. on the deal in the BST section all 10-packs come with a tester. if you want to send a $1 donation send it to . the more we collect, the more likely we can get some media coverage. this site will be mentioned, as well as others, and it will look good on the yoyoing community as a whole. plus i like the feeling of doing good things for people. also the media coverage cant hurt business. this is a marketing tactic, true, but it’s a real good one :wink: we will be doing our own coverage on this too.