Selling used string and less used string

Hey guys, Im selling some used string. They are not broken but they are almost there.

Im selling them for 4 dollars for a pack of ten.
The lesser used string which is newer for 3 dollars.

If you want to offer a different price, offer, I won’t be mad by lowballs!

I have used 100% poly, some kitty string, and some highlites.

Pics on request.

Get at me.



Lol :slight_smile: Josh you are such a kidder

I never kid.

New haha maybe a few years ago

Need pics in thread or the mods will take you down!

and T shirts with holes by the belly button. < Used Strings fit right in the middle of that group.

Why don’t you just do a Youtube Vid of whatever you have at home in the refrigerator? Most people are Always hungry.

I figure you must either: be Totally kidding or you need a Prescription for bottled Oxygen or you have finally found out what happens once you smack yourself in the Dome one too many times with a Yoyo practicing 5A.

I really like the part where you say ‘used string is 10 for 4 dollars’ but ‘less used string is 3 dollars’.

Like that Old Carnival line,’ Get your amazing ‘whatever’ right here. 25 cents each or 3 for a Dollar.

What a Deal.

Funny stuff Yee.

Also for sale; low mileage toilet paper; only soiled on one side


Although I do agree with you… I do like carnivals :). Also if this is his way of making some $$ who’s to tell him that no one will buy it.

Lol I should buy some

sorry for necro, but do you do custom colors? been looking for a good used string supplier