LF string:)

im looking for string ill trade yoyos for a big amount of it im looking to get around 1000 so i want alot of it.

My requirements are

-it must be new string not used
-it cant be lime green but regular green is fine
-prefer longer string but i dont mind short string

thanks everyone


plzzz pm me dont post on here :slight_smile:

I should just recommend this :

It’s really hard to find someone who’s willing to sell their own string.
Plus if it is it’s probabbly a manufacturer themselves.
So I suggest you order off the site and get 10 orders of 100 string.

Yeah just order it

don’t have any money jus nought h5

You’re not gonna get 1000 strings off someone, just order it! Sell your yo-yos if your that desperate!

well im selling some but I can’t get pics on here so they put mine in archived trades