Sold! yoyo in transit

It hurts me to sell this, but buying a house is expensive. Take advantage of this opportunity because these things just flat out DO NOT hit the market.

Up for grabs is a 1 of 3(Verified from Ernie himself) Half blue, half raw OG Torrent. The Mecca of General Yo throws. This thing is fantastic. Honestly, no hype, one of my favorite organic throws ever made. Still plays so smooth.

Condition: Raw side shows typical raw marks, nothing deep, no gouges. Everything will polish out. Blue side has tiny tiny small mark as pictured. There is also a weird little spot that I can’t even get to photograph. Came that way. Yoyo is in great shape.

I’m taking offers only for a few days. DO NOT low ball me on this. No Trades. Paypal only. I can take more pictures if needed, but you get the idea of how this thing is. Anyone who knows me knows I am a big general yo guy, so I’ve taken good care of it.
Solf for $550!

First Bump.

Hope you get a small mint to help with be house!

Friday bump. Shutting it down Tommorow, so if you want it, better bid now!

I think it’s safe to say you could remove the statement about lowballing :wink: I was eyeing this but that bid…

How do you know it might be a mistake and only be $4.30. ::slight_smile: