Hey guys, simply put, I spent too much money on yo-yos and I need to sell a couple. Here is what I have to sell right now. Prices are very FIRM. These will not last, and if I don’t have the money in a couple days, this will get pulled down. Also, the prices on these are all low to the point that if they were beat they would be reasonable prices. None are even close to beat and if you ask questions about condition I will probably not respond. These are toys that are meant to be played with, so play with them.

Punch line repeater: $50
I will only sell one of these.

Gsquared albatross. $70

Yoyo Factory 2013 Supernova: $60

Dang… these prices are insanely good guys!

*Free bump :wink:

You cant free bump until a day later.

Not true. I’m eyeing that format C… I might have to swipe that off you.

Already got swiped, sorry :frowning:

Gahhhh noooooooo

Where were you a few weeks ago when I settled on a Gold/Black Acid Wash Repeater when I actually wanted the Red/Silver one lol. Such a steal…hopefully I’ll debate buying it long enough that someone else buys it first

Hahaha sorry man! I’ve been there though. Let me know if you change your mind!

Your saying because you want to buy the Format C that you can free bump as much as you want?

I will risk bcmaddog’s wrath with a free bump: I’ve seen that green/black Repeater up close and in person and it is in astonishingly good condition. This is a great deal, folks. Dunno about the red/silver one.