Sold or traded away that special yoyo that you now regret?


Does anyone have a yoyo that is long gone but still holds a special place in your heart? A yoyo that you wish you hadn’t traded/sold but needed to for financial reasons?

I do. There are probably a half a dozen that I wish I had never gotten rid of but the top of the list for me is my 1 of a kind, painted by Brett Grimes, DragonSlayer Peak.

It was DragonSlayer before Dragonslayer was Dragonslayer. It was painted to look like dragon scales. It was painted with green scales with a yellow underbelly. It was soooooo amazing. Underneath was just an ugly fools gold grizzly bear clown town peak, but I commissioned Mr. Grimes to paint it for me. I gave him free reign to do whatever he wanted. I just gave him a list of themes I wanted. He succeeded. I had planned on keeping it forever, but life happened. I sold it 2-3 years ago, but I always have regretted it, and have thought about it every now and then. I have always wondered what happened to it.

I would commission Brett to do another, but he has pretty much retired from the yoyo scene and painting yoyos, as I understand it. Sigh

What’s your story?


I’ve sold or traded a lot of yoyos I’ve wished I’ve kept. I only have 1 clyw now, but I used to have 4-5, because I traded them all away. Especially wish I kept my mint berry berry AC1. Awesome colorway, I love bright colors.
I just recently traded away a raven 888 I wish I’d kept, but the guy seemed to want it more than me, and he offered a pretty penny for it.


This guy right here. There’s only 2 of these ever made along with a 7075 version. It was essentially a knockoff bvm but played great and looked better in my opinion. I believe the father that made it passed away so there’s no more being made and it really was a superb yoyo. Especially once they made it more their own and came up with this guy.

Funny enough I don’t worry about that one as much since it went to someone who really appreciated it and still treasures it to this day.


I had a dead smooth stargazer… At the time I figured I could just get another when I had some funds… Alas … None of the many others was ever as smooth…


Nothing too earth-shattering. Going back in time, I might have held onto my format:C for long enough to give it a fair shake. But I haven’t given up any “precious” yoyos yet.


The two other Ti Walkers I’ve owned LOL


my quest, XLR8, ac1,supernova (2012), and the yeti :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


My original Mg, the silver version. I’ve had 2 since (blue powdercoat and the black one I have now) and neither play quite like the original.