[sold] mods please close

I have a mint edge beyond and beyond 66%, if anyone is interested in will to part with both for 120


oooh What colour? :slight_smile:

This sounds like a pretty good deal.


Yeah…crazy good. The retail on these is close to $250!


Are they pictured in your other thread, the ‘Selling half my collection’?

Can you just send me pics? Thank you. This is the one 66% that sold correct? I don’t see an Edge Beyond?

ah… to save time.
I just want to point out the yoyos were sold earlier

No worries. I wasn’t buying. I was wanting to see a photo since they have several threads going at once and I was just curious as to what they were actually selling. The picture above is sold yoyo’s I was told.

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I believe this is it.


Yea I gotta get of this thread

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Ah that’s okay, I can help you with that.

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Thank you !

The BST rules state you have to show a photo to prove ownership. With so many threads by them on the BST going with duplicate yoyo’s, it should be supplied by the seller.

That and this thread which I found when the seller said I could check around on this forum for them… Anyone heard from @chrisdoc145

In here what’s wrong

What’s wrong