Concerned about my purchase from @chrisdoc145

Hey guys, has any one heard from @Chrisdoc145 recently?

I purchased an Edge Beyond & 66% pair from him and paid him $120.
The last I heard from him was over 7 days ago when I paid him.

I contacted a mod for advice and got suggested to post something on here.

He received payment at Noon on Friday 13th (I see it now…) in New Jersey time.
He was supposed to post the same day and provide tracking details but he has ghosted since then for the past 7 days.

I have sent him a few messages gently reminding him if he had that tracking number, and another saying I am starting to get slightly concerned as it has been 7 days.

I found his email address from PayPal and have also sent him an email but no reply either.

I can’t get him to respond to me.

Thank you, everyone.

Original post :


now that i think about it i haven’t seen him comment or anything


do you have a link to the original post?


It’s here.


Man this sucks.

I really hope the dude has a legit reason for going silent on you like this.

Really freaking upsets me to think he’d screw over such a nice guy. I mean, how desperate would you have to be?


Don’t have any insight or advice - just want to say I hope this turns out well.

I had a purchase that I thought went south on me (may still have, actually) where I kept getting excuses from the seller (like, seemingly crazy circumstances) and then got ghosted for almost a month… I assumed I was outta luck but then he reached out and has been in good communication making things right ever since…

so all that is to say - there’s hope! and I’m hoping for you, too!

Happy holidays!


I’m just throwing this out there, but, maybe the slow arrival is just due to volume of mail being handled this time of year. However, that doesn’t explain him going radio silent.

Did you pay with PayPal Goods and Service? You can give him a little more time to respond to you then file a claim.

That said, I’m hoping there is an explanation and everything turns out OK.


I don’t think it was shipped at all.


He is good to go, he sent me the other Edge Beyond along with a handful of ZipLine strings. Like the others said, maybe just a delay due to how many packages are moving around these days


As I said above, he hasn’t even shipped yet. OP isn’t saying it’s taking too long to arrive, he’s saying the seller said he would tell him when it shipped and provide tracking if he did.


I don’t know the specifics of @Chrisdoc145 's situation, but I know he went through some difficulties earlier this year and he went radio silent then as well. Hopefully it’s nothing major and he’ll return to the fold soon. Keep reaching out and I say give him a couple more days… maybe 'til after Christmas; he may be having family issues. If not I hope the mods are taking note and will respond appropriately.


Ooof that sucks, man. I really hope this works out for both you and the seller. I had a deal almost go south that was actually the result of the seller going through some serious health issues. With the holidays and all, Chrisdoc might just be going through some stuff.

That said, I would definitely look into filing a claim with PayPal G&S if radio silence continues by the New Year.


It was F&F

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I believe he has MS and may be having some problems related to that. However, if he was in communication right up to you sending the money, then it’s still kinda suspect/odd that he just started ghosting you right after he received your money.


This might be of some help: Anyone heard from @chrisdoc145

I have never communicated with him personally but I remember him being all repentant when he did show again and seemed to feel very bad about the whole thing, you would have thought that if he were to trade again he would make sure to at least stay in touch?

Anyway he’ll probably pull through but experiences like this very much put me off the thought of trading with anyone overseas.


File the Paypal dispute. As you’re in the UK, if you paid F&F (why?), paid with a credit card with zero PayPal balance then you can initiate a chargeback via your credit card supplier. I have done the latter and can help if needed.


Hoping all go’s well for both parties.


Behaved like a scammer from my initial contact so I passed on dealing with them at all.

GL. I know mail is slow right now. I’ve had 2 day priority take 5-6 days on a couple of packages already.


@Chrisdoc145 just made a thread about it here


Hi guys,

Sorry, I have been a bit preoccupied today looking after the kids (we had a play date at our house for my daughters school friends and that was one crazy day).

I just wanted to update you all on this.

Firstly, to answer your questions above, I am not in a rush to received the yoyos, and my worry wasn’t that it hasn’t been delivered yet as I also appreciate that post is chaotic right now.
The concern was because, after the payment, I had radio silence, and couldn’t get a response for over a week with no tracking number either as promised.

I know I shouldn’t let people’s past history cloud or influence my judgement, as as far as Chris and I are concerned this is a clean slate and it is a fresh/first interaction between the two of us. I usually don’t let things like this affect how I treat people and view them on the merits of my own experience and interactions but I must admit I couldn’t help being more worried and a lot sooner than I normally would have been.

Good news

So Chris sent me a PM today explaining that he has been super ill for the past week, so ill infact that he was bedridden and couldn’t come online to respond to PMs and emails the whole week.
That really sucks, and I hope he feels better soon.

So the yoyo will now be shipped sometime next week so everything is now back on track.

It wasn’t so much that I was anxious to receive the yoyo quickly, it was more that there was radio silence.
So now that we are back in contact, I want to thank him for reaching out and I expect everything to conclude smoothly.

I will update you all when the package is in hand.
Thank you so much everyone for looking out for me and the mods for giving me advice on how to proceed which I think lead to this current status.

Thank you YYE and all you members