Selling half my collection (do not buy I’m a scammer)

I’m selling half my collection here, some good stuff!!!
2 YYF wedges
1 YYF edge
1 YYF edgeless
1 YYF edge beyond 66%
1 YYF shutter wide angle ICON edition (only 30 made)
1 Clyw & YYF Basecamp jackknife
1 UNPRLD abduction
1 IYoyo iceberg
1 rain city skills Loonie
(Case included!!)
If anyone is interested hit me up!


Do you like the loonie? Does it have any vibe?

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What you asking for prices…?

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Which one?

All of them!

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how much for the orange Wedge?

For everything including the case 450

I think that’s a good deal considering everything that’s in there, the shutter wide-angle icon edition there was only 30 of them made I got one of the 30

20, it’s only been thrown 2 times, mint condition

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Honestly it’s a cool yo-yo but I don’t really care for it lol

$450 would be more than if you bought everything brand new!

Yea I kind of did the math wrong…it was late last night, I’ll have to look at them again and redo it thanks

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