sold mint Free hand mg


no pics yet sorry but is anybody up for trade


why would you trade a mint mg
whats wrong with it

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He doesn’t like it? You act like it’s the best yoyo on the planet.


well it sure cost enough to be. i would love to have it but i doubt he would take anything i have.


some one gave it to me for free a while ago i just dont like it, never did


In that case I will give you $25 dollers, 25 more than what you spent on it ;D


sorry only for trade


He’s talking about THIS

"This is the Cadillac of Yo-Yos. The Concave shaped body is 99.5% forged magnesium. It uses a Ceramic bearing for ultra-smooth spins. Limited quantities per year (200 of each color). Includes limited edition white/black counterweight set and (4) friction stickers. "

This retails anywhere from $400 to $500 dollars.

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We know, but he got it free, so why not offer $25 more than what he spent on it? (was a joke)

And not the cadillac. IMO more of an engineering win than an awesome yoyo.


It was a quote that I copied, so I dunno, haha.


mint 2010 silver g5 comes with clear hubstacks and rainbow z stacks !!! ;D ;D


Wooly marmot… in my BST thread

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i got a brand new duncan mondial if you wanted a really good trade.


sorry was traded to jared verrati

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