Soiled Panties Help! please respond!

Hi Guys!
I’m not sure if many of you have heard of the trick Soiled Panties, but I am trying to learn it.
Im up to the part where you pinch the trapeze string and drop the yoyo through the whole in the slack. and everytime i drop the yoyo i do something wrong and i end up in the same string configuration as I started. Can someone helop me out or post a response video on how to do it?

I know raytsh has a tutorial video and does yoyoexperttutorials. I watched both a hundred times and still cant get it down.


The thread title…

It made me lulz.

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Mah sides

Me too. Yesterday I was laughing when my dispatcher kept saying Seaman Corp. How old am I?

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Hahahaha! Thats the best!

Is anybody gonn shelp this guy with the trick or what? I would but idk it ::slight_smile:

When you drop it through the triangle don’t let your TH thumb drop the string. And don’t let go until you have completely dropped it through, and then don’t twist your NTH pointer finger or it will undo the cross. Just put your thumb through and open the tri up and complete the trick. It would help if you had a video so I could could see exactly what you are doing wrong.

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If you’re at 2:11, then when you go through that loop it will end up in the exact same formation it was except that there is a twist now. That new twist is what you use to finish the trick.

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I think he probably undoes the twist somehow, even then, you could easily twist it back.

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Use warm soapy water.

Thank you so much!!! i figured it out and got it!!

So what were you doing wrong?

I was dropping my non throwhand index finger from the slack and only using my thumbs to hold the slack. you have to drop the yoyo around your NTH index and keep it there to maintain the string formation.