Soiled Panties

Im struggling with soiled panties Im up to the part where you swing the yoyo up through the triangle on your throw hand and land it on the string nearest you. Im not sure whether Im supposed to hop yoyo out to the front then swing it back then continue with the rest of the trick. Everytime I do this I get to the slack part and I end up in a tangled mess. Please help Im using this tutorial Thanks.

I made this video for someone a while back… a few different angles with different slow-mos and some text description, all for that one move.  Maybe it’ll help you as well.

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im Soooo Confused… ???

Thanks but its the bit straight after that which Im struggling with I dont know what to do once Ive landed it on the nearest string

Ok Ive been working on this trick for 4 days now but Ive worked out what Im doing wrong up to the slack bit. Just trying to get my head round the slack part.

Im still stuck can anyone give a little bit of advice for the slack part and the end part of soiled panties thanks

I know Ive asked before but Im stuck on the slack part I think of soiled panties. I can do all of the parts I think but when I drop everything and land in a trapeze I get a knot please someone give me some advice Ive been doing this trick for ages

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