Help with Soiled Panties!

Hey everyone! :smiley:

So, earlier this week i decided to try to learn “Soiled Panties” Funny name, i know :P. I’m able to get through most of the trick and i gotta say, its one awesome trick to do. But my problem is, that annoying slack towards the end of the trick. Its SO frustrating! Im using Franky ILLY’s tutorial and it was going great until then. Its the bit at around 1:45 where he pinches the string with his non-throw hand and sort of maneuvers the string around the yoyo.

My problem is, after i move the string around and grab it with my thumb there is TWO twist in the string, not one. And when i drop the string from that formation there is a knot. Anyone know why this could be occuring? I have tried this again and again and i cant seem to see what the problem is. Any kind of help would be GREATLY appreciated :wink:

Here is a link to Franky’s vid

This is one of my favourite tricks. For a couple years learning it was a rite of passage in the Vancouver Yoyo club.

The trick is to get it into that triangle between throwhand thumb and finger without tangling on any other strings. The yoyo should just drop through. The slack you are holding should be held out of the way.

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I figured it out!!! YESSSSSS YEASSSSSS. So before you do that weird slack thing at 1:45 you have to jump to the back string next to you thumb AND jump over that string on top. Jumping over that string is CRUCIAL. I’m so happy now :). Even if it wasn’t necessary your advice that helped me, it motivated me to try it again :D. I feel like I have tamed a dragon, lol.

That’s so very awesome! Congratulations!