So you want to enter a yoyo contest? Read this!

Check out my latest blog post at yoyoskills.  Some advice on how to prep.  Read the comments as well, there have been good suggestions for additional ideas.  Feel free to comment on the post and give me some suggestions for future topics.

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this… is… AWESOME!!! THANK YOU!

Now… to convince my parents to let me go to one…

Tell your parents that you can win money if you get good enough to win stuff. I’ve won $100s at a time, you just need some skill and a good ladder division prize. The moment you win something, your parents will realize it isn’t a waste of time.

My parents might let me compete at the VA contest at best, but nothing out of state… But it’s better than nothing :slight_smile:

You are very welcome! Let me know how you do when you get to a contest!