Contest help! I've got loads of questions!

I was wondering how to start and how everything works (even the simplest things) and are there any other contests in the UK besides nationals? How old do you have to be to enter (even in general) and do you have to be qualified, sponsored or are there any qualification events for UK nationals? Can someone also explain how the points work (in general and nationals) and what X division is? Thanks ;D

There is NO age limit or requirements you just need to know the gravity pull ;). And contest are held everywhere in the US(if thats what you mean by UK?) but I’m not sure about UK I would assume just. You start by doing this: let’s say your going to Worlds in FL. I think it’s a $50 (or more or less) entry fee, you need to get to the hotel where it is, you need a car money for food a yoyo and other things. You DO NOT have to compete to go to worlds, you can go to watch get prototypes and discounts on yoyos. If your planning on entering worlds nationals or other ones, contact any of these for help on signing up



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Sorry i misunderstood I thought you meant something els. Contact Yoyoexpert about UK stuff or for someone who host contest there.

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Can you watch the contests (as spectators) and how do you do it? Are there also age groups as well or is everyone in the same categories? Thanks ;D

At some contests there are Jr. Divisions. You can spectate for free. You just go to the contest and watch.

isnt Jr. Division 14 and under? And can you still compete with the big boys if you’re a Jr?

Well it turns out that here in the UK, you have to pay £3 (which is approximately $4.18 I think) which is pretty annoying. :frowning: