So where do you bank?

As a full time bank employee, i love to ask forums where the bank. And why they bank there.

So go ahead. Tell me where and why! the issues you have as well. i can probably debunk.

My bank ( or really my parents bank) is TD because my local TD partnered with my youth theater and for all the money put in the bank under the yout theaters name, a little bit goes back to SRYT.,

I work for td :smiley: thats very cool ^^

Yup! Very nice of them. We are a non profit youth theater.

I have a blue plastic piggy bank from 8th grade.

how much APY that earning you? xD

probably not that much less than he could get at TD or any other bank these days.


lawl sometimes some people are better not using bank accounts. But true enough apy is very good and prob never will be.

Confused by this.

Maybe he meant this? I bank at F&M.

Account #1
I do most of my banking with Bank of America. I got my first bank account when I was 16 years old, working 5 days per week. Back then, it was called Baybank. Baybank became BankBoston, which became Fleet Bank, and then it became Bank of America. So, I bank with them, just because it’s what I’ve known since I was 16. The name changed many times, but I’ve been with them throughout. I do my checking, short term savings, pay bills, and most day to day banking from there. I only have one credit card for emergencies, and it’s their card. Paypal is linked up there too. Money in there is relatively fluid…in and out.

Account #2
Also, I’m a member of a Credit Union, and have a savings account there too. I have no checking, checks, credit or debit cards with that account…just stash cash there. The point is that it goes in, and does not come out. Very different from the other account.

I get paid weekly, and my check is direct deposited in #1. At the same time, a designated amount is automatically deducted and goes into #2. So, I shop, and pay bills out of #1 and never bother with #2. I probably don’t need 2 different banks, but like the idea of the second account being less accessible and almost forgotten about.

I’ll take any free advice haha.

I bank off walls, floors, sometimes off ledges and catwalks…

Oh wait. Wells fargo, with speculations at mtgox and vircurex

The Tittabawassee river.

I forgot about under my mattress…short term, on occasion. :slight_smile:

BB&T ; they’re like 123 ft. From my house.

I forgot about my yo-yo money jar. I just toss loose change in there, and cash it in when it fills up. Last time, there was $214 in there. There is a free counter at the credit union. ;D