So what's next at sniffy?

I’m glad I asked.

For the next few months I’ll be doing a focus on a particular high-end manufacturer, similar to my unending and mind numbingly boring string series, except with video and less words.

Next month is JuILLY.
August will be One Drop.

Both will have associated twitter contests. I’ll announce the first one in a couple of weeks. Near end of June.
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that sounds really really good.

can’t wait till juilly! ;D

about the twitter contests, I’ve never done one, and don’t have an account. If I wanted to participate, would I have to get an account?

Yes, you do…

You can get a twitter account with just an email address at
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I’ve cleaned the thread. Please no off topic comments.

What were off topic? I didn’t see them.
Can you pm them to me?
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I’ve decided to change the schedule to doing JuILLY first, and then OD in August being half of June has been taken up by Teh Kitteh on sniffy and I want to be sure to give OD an entire month.
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They were just comments of where someone actually lived. No biggy. They were deleted.

Any way your going to integrate your contests with yoyoexpert or such. I don’t do Facebook, twitter, Myspace, google +, or others. Don’t like them or the idea of them and they keep getting hacked all the time. I would like to do contest but its like a drivers license anymore, its almost like you have to have an account with everyone to be able to do anything. Anyway, I refuse to have an account with any one of them so is there a way to join or enter your contests here?

Well. They all will require twitter. The upcoming larger contests will integrate with yye as a step in 2 factor authentication, but twitter will be part of that authentication. Small contests will remain twitter only, often I’ll announce some of them on twitter and not anywhere else as a chance for making followers happyface.

If you don’t care about email alerts / and are concerned about tracking on twitter, there are several services where you can get a 24hr burner email address to sign up with and receive their initial confirmation email. The only drawback being if you do get an email alert it will go to a dead box.

In terms of passwords getting hacked and dumped, the best way to avoid that is to 1. use different passwords and email addresses for different service’s login, and 2. use non-semantic passwords. For truly random passwords I recommend and use this generator:
It uses a very complex algorithm to generate unique 64 character strings.

So, I’d say armed with that information, decide if you want to grab a twitter account, and if you’re concerned with anonymity just use it for things unrelated to any personally identifiable web interaction.

I don’t use Facebook, so you can be assured it won’t be required for any contests.
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Ah yes. Saw those. Kind of funny though.
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