so my bday is coming up...


And I was looking for a yoyo that has amazing stability (good for body tricks) very fast, easy to get in/out of small areas (doesn’t necessarily mean undersized), has a great finish, around $100 or less and stacks would be a plus. (no $120 yyf) I was thinking of a hatrick, are they really worth it?


u should get the bassolope ;D


$115 :-\


Isn’t the MiniStar enough? ;D

Looking for stacks? 44 Special… If you’re not a YYF hater. Well… I’m not a hater… So yeah.




Get a b grade one… honestly, I have a B Grade Bassalope, and for the life of me, I cannot find out what went wrong with it… It was $80


where do I get a B grade?
And should I jump on that hatrick?


yuuksta’s are awesome!!! i got one at worlds. but they dont sell them anywhere yet. so if there is a chance to get one i think they would be good for you


I don’t think there is anywhere left to buy hatricks…


hey my birthday is coming up to and i ordered a new breed last night


yuuksta"s are up!!!


there a undersized gennesis and i think its very thin



44 Special:


I know a place…


WHERE?? I wants ones too!

Anyway, for bassalope, go to the CLYW website, just google it, and then, there’s a section called Fool’s Gold, that’s the B-Grade. So it’ll be called Fool’s Gold XXXX Bassalope, e.g. Fool’s Gold Green acid wash Bassalope… or something like that.

But you have to wait for them to screw up and sell it. :smiley:


Possibly try a campfire?


888x is good maybe Genesis and if you prefer under sized get a yuuksta


So do I. And the one I know is an american website. And I really think you should go with the stacked Genesis.