So..... I've been away.

Yes, its true. And though I’d love to tell you all about my journey in Europe and Israel, I thought I’d just touch upon the yoyoing moments.

I’m sure that you’ve seen the video “Revolution in Prague,” featuring my favorite yoyoer ever, Vashek Kroutil, Czech National Champion a whole bunch of times. I was actually in Prague for two days, and on my visit there I stopped by many places in which Vashek yoyo’d in his video. Outside the big cathedral, on the big bridge, and the cool little woods-y path at the end!

In Poland, I took my yoyoing to the streets of the old town of Krakow. Standing in the town square on a Saturday evening seems like prime time to make some Zlotties (Polish currency) with my yoyoing. Alas, everyone was distracted by a nearby puppet show, and I made nothing, but it was still fun!

Then, I arrived in Israel. Yay! I met this fellow from California, and taught him binding, split the atom, brain twister, and barrel rolls. Whooo! I had my DV888 and X-ConVict with me. My X-ConVict broke when I was in the Israeli Army for four days (no joke). The DV888 is covered in dings due to string breakage on a cobblestone street, but I don’t care. I traveled halfway around the world with it, and I’m glad for it to be a bit of a road warrior. It was a great trip, and I had loads of fun. But, now I’m glad to be home and throw my Peak, Pyro and Luchador (full sized yoyos… how I missed them) and post on YYE. See y’all at IYYO!

Glad you’re back!

Sounds like fun. Didn’t you say you met Vashek too?

Uh, no. I wish!

Did you keep the vict? Also I wanna clean up that dv888! Sounds like fun. I want to go to the mother land so bad!! (Israel)

Oh I thought you said in the chat room that you did. Guess not.

Welcome back!

Happy Throwing! =]