Which of you was it?

So my girlfriend and I go to the King of Prussia (near Valley Forge, Pa) mall every weekend to walk around and just get out of the house. I always have a yoyo in my YoYoFactory holster when we go. Today I had my Avalanche with me. We went into Zumies to see what kind of after season sales they had on snowboarding equipment. One of the employees there recognized my yoyo, not that it was an Avalanche just that it was a yoyo. She was telling me about how she had a guy come in not to long ago and show her some tricks. She also claimed that he was on a team. I was excited because I have yet to run into anyone outside my close circle of friends that throws. This got my hopes up. :smiley: Anyways, if you are out there look for me at the mall, always with my holster.

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I’m actually here in king of Prussia now, I work like walking distance from the mall.

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that’s awesome! I work in K.O.P. on the weekends (not at the mall)

So close but yet so far away. I wonder who was it that was at the mall. Hmmmmm

have you gone to any clubs or know other that throw?

Nope, none. I got my nephew into yoyo’ing and he got some of his friends into it. But he lives all the way down North Carolina. I don’t even know one person here. Sad.

hey i live in North Carolina

Me too… WNC area…

Thats very cool! That would never happen here in Virginia :stuck_out_tongue:

Either you actually live in the US or cruton actually lives in Madagascar.


I’m in the US. I live in Philly, PA. Madagascar is just a movie I’ve seen and liked.
I visit NC often since I have relatives there.