So its been a few years...

The last time I stopped in to buy a yo-yo and actually interact with the community here, yo-yos like the 888 reigned supreme. That appears to have changed! One Drop and Caribou Lodge got big. Gone are the days of rounded 50mm yo-yos. We’re all about geometric 57mm yo-yos nowadays, am I catching the right vibe?

Here’s my request! I haven’t bought a yo-yo in quite some time and I’ve got some extra cash. Which yo-yo is most popular right now? What would best summarize the current trends of preference? I’ve never bought a One Drop before and they seem to be doing well now…so that’d be cool. Not required though! Try to keep it under 150? Have fun!

note: my profile picture is rather out of date but I don’t feel like changing it. I’m not twelve.

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Grab a chief! Can even get a couple used ones and stay around your price range. Say used chief and one of the newer plastics that are so popular right now. I personally haven’t played any of the plastics but many good reviews. The chief is just a great all around throw. It was my first big purchase and still play it as much if not more than any of my more expensive yos.

So many great brands out there now. Including YYF.

I personally like One Drop, CLYW, RecRev and the new Yomega stuff.

You pick up quick dude. I agree one hundred percent about everything you’ve said. I would pick up a One Drop, they’re a top company now.

I see they don’t only make the Project and M1 anymore…the Format:C and Code 2 look very nice…

Apologies, it was an awfully critical blanket statement. I just have mostly YYF yo-yos now and looking through their current throws doesn’t inspire me like it used to!

I’m sure they’re great, and the style of design has just changed a lot.

Don’t spend another second looking at yoyos, just get a CLYW Chief. Seriously.

Get a g squared triton :wink:

The Summit is always talked about and so is the chief. Ive heard they are both boss.


It seems that there are a lot of these threads popping up.

The YYF Shutter is almost as good as any 120 dollar throw i’ve ever thrown!

format c or chief really those two are really big in the community now.But the irony jp is a beast to

The Chief is good, but not worth full price. At least in my experience.

Get a pair of Loop1080s. Be a man and learn 2A.

haha, just kidding.
sOMEThING ANGLAM [either original or ver. CC (Christopher Chia)] or yoyorecreation Draupnir
sOMEThING Superfly REMIX is also a good one
Your bank account might hate you for a bit but it’s worth it.

Some throws that come to mind that are under $150 and currently in stock:

I’d say to just pick whichever of those look best to you and be happy because none will dissapoint