So I took my drivers test...

…and I failed. To make it even worse, it’s my birthday. :frowning:

I consider myself a pretty good driver, but I have kind of a lead foot. But that aside… While taking my test, there was a truck parked in the lane I was in, and I went around it, but apparently I didn’t get back in the lane fast enough and she said I was done. Kinda tricked me… it’s a good way to ruin your birthday, but I think it’ll get better. It just would’ve been cool to get my license right when I was 16.

Any of you didn’t pass your driver’s test? Any similar stories?

Misery loves company. :slight_smile:

Hey it’s my birthday to! I took the test last year and barely made the three point turn (I was driving a mini van). For the rest of it I barely passed because while waiting to turn left out of the parking lot I was to far to the left and also at a stop sign I didn’t come to a complete stop.

Hey, it’s my bros bday TOO!

So the first question is, was it legal to go around it? was it an oncoming lane or going the same direction as you? Did you signal to make the lane changes? all of those can be test enders.

It was an oncoming lane, but there were no cars coming at all, and I had to go around it, there was only one lane.

That’s really bad, I feel as though you should have just stopped or something… Maybe use the horn?

I don’t know. :-\

Ahh yes, the idiots primary collision avoidance system. :wink:

Hey, it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

I failed the first time I took my driver’s test, hah. I was taking a left at a 4-way intersection and this oncoming car sped up and almost collided with me. Teach failed me for that :slight_smile:

I passed on my first try. It was a week ago today. But I barely passed. I got the minimum amount of points in my state.

Nope, she said keep going… what the heck haha.

Yikes, that sounds a little scary.

Nice, I get to try again in two weeks. So yeah. haha

I was taught that the only reason the horn was put in a vehicle, and the only reason to use it on the road, is to help avoid a collision. :-\ The young man is right. It seems like it’s a lot better for telling people to wake up and hit the gas when the light turns green…or to get someone’s attention so you can wave. :smiley: I’ve done all of the above. The avoiding the collision helped once. I was on the expressway, and a guy was texting while driving and swerved partially into my lane. To express myself, I hit the horn, and he looked up, then corrected his steering. There was a little body language involved too, but the horn worked for sure. :smiley: That was it’s intended purpose. Not that it always works, but its an option, and I know when to use it too.

Sorry about the news SR. I remember my first test. The guy who schooled me had an “in” with the person giving the test. He just liked all his students, so I was going to pass regardless. None of this guy’s students got a fail. Basically, it was like an official cheat. It was like 18 years ago now. I’m old. :-[

I didn’t say don’t use the horn. My comment refers to people I’ve seen that will use the horn before even thinking about applying the breaks or any other maneuver. Basically “Make a hole, I’m coming through.” type drivers.

Yeah, the horn should be a last resort.

Or, combined with brakes or some other maneuver, it shouldn’t be used to just make people move so you can go hurry as fast as you can. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I failed the written test.

oh well. don’t really care

I don’t even have my permit yet, and you guys are complaining?? My dad won’t take me to go get it, but I don’t blame in. When I was in driver’s ed last year, ( I had in the last semester, since my birthday is in the summer)our original teacher had her baby the day before we started her class, so we had a sub the whole time. She taught us nothing and gave us the wrong information to fill out our permit forms. And then we moved to a town a half-hour away, and when I went to the DMV near the town, I found out I had all the wrong information and that I had to go back to my old town to get my permit. That hasn’t happened yet…

I got my license in October. I’m 19. I also failed the first time I took the test in July. We sat and waited for about an hour and a half only to fail the 3 point turn 5 minutes into the test. It sucked.

Fun fact: In Norway, the process of getting a driver’s license is not only terribly exepnsive, but it lasts for 1-2 years for most people. I think the quickest you can pull it off is like 6 months.

I passed mine, it was easy. I didn’t even put my car in “Park” to parallel park. Haha

My older sister begged my dad to teach her to drive when she turned 14 and acquired the much yearned for permit. Being the spoiled first child she was my father relented and took her out right away. Her second time out she wrapped the family car around a tree. It was the only vehicle we had. Right then and there the ol’ man established a new rule; none of his children shall ever again get behind the wheel of one of his cars until they have a drivers license. Consequently the only driving experienced I had were the few precious minutes from driver’s ed class. I failed my driving test the first two times out.

That dreaded “three-point turn” was a sticking point for me too. It took me too long to get headed in the other direction. What always occurred to me at the time is if one were to actually use the three-point turn in an everyday driving situation and a cop saw you he probably pull you over and tell you to stop snarling up traffic with such a ridiculous maneuver on a city street.

“Next time just pull up into a driveway or parking lot to turn around pal. Don’t be endangering the lives of others and their vehicles with all this turning and backing nonsense ever again. What are you, 16?”

And parallel parking, don’t even get me stated. To this day I avoid parallel parking.

“Sorry young man, you fail today. You will need to come back once you are more proficient at parallel parking.”

“What? I think this is perfect! The car is out of everybody’s way up on the sidewalk like this.”