So I slipped on the ice...

And it cost me roughly $200. Had to pay for taxi, stiches, taxi, antibiotica, and new pants.

Better hope my paycheck rolls in soon, but I guess I can get half off as I’m under 18.

Addment: unfun fact, first time I’ve gotten stitched up.

Be happy for stitches. They reduce scarring. I also slipped on ice in January while pushing an oxy/acetelyn torch and shattered my front teeth. I’m at the dentist right now for what feels like the 80th time .

Ice sucks! Go away Ice!!

If you haven’t had stitches about 15-20 times by the time you’re 15 you’re just not living life to the fullest.

I don’t really mind the stitches. The biggest gripe I have with this is the fact that I have to chug 4 pills every day for 5 days, each pill being 1 hour before food or 2 hours after. This means that I have to coordinate my eating, which isn’t exactly fitting my lifestyle.