Chest tattoo and Kwijibo

So I just started a MASSIVE chest tattoo yesterday and today I woke up and started throwing. My chest is very tight and it kind of hurts to throw but I can’t go more than a few hours without throwing so I’m not going to let it stop me at all.

So anyway, I started doing a combo, starting with a few slack tricks and whatever in between and I like to finish with a kwijibo and when i went for the first hop I nearly died!!! It hurt so much I almost dropped my yoyo and screamed. I didn’t realize how many muscles in my chest I actually used for throwing. So now I can’t do a kwijibo until my chest heals alittle bit. I’m wondering now what other tricks I won’t be able to do for awhile.

I guess there isn’t really any meaning to this post other than I wanted to share my misery with all of you and say that chest tattoos and yoyoing don’t really go together that well.

That is all, thanks for reading

I want to see the chest piece.

It’s no where near finished but…


Ya, theres a lot of skin movement when doing the moves. Im kind of surprised it hurt. Especially because you don’t seem to have any scabbing or anything, it looks clean. Weird.

Cool you getting color?

I just got it last night and it hasn’t really started to scab or anything yet but it’s very tight and dry. I don’t like to use any ointments because I like to let them breath and heal naturally

Yeah, at the next sitting. This was 3 hours and I couldn’t take much more, the chest is a tricky place to get tattooed. Some spots kill and others dont

I like it!! It’s pretty cool. I can’t wait to see it with color!

I can’t wait for my next one! It’s booked for May 26th.

Mt. Rushacat?



It’s MT. Rushmore with my 4 cats faces. Pretty hilarious idea and it pisses my wife off…so yeah

You had better be posting pics once it’s all done. I’ll be waiting. Looks amazing so far!

I will for sure. I’m scheduled for the beginning of May

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I’m pretty sure doing some bench presses and flys would help with the pain :wink:


Dude, I have a sleeve, A&D ointment. You MUST keep it moist, trust me. It will heal better. You are spending a lot of money on this and time… let alone enduring pain. Trust me, keep it clean and right with A&D. I’m not talking out my butt, many artist friends and they all say the same, A&D for 7 days, then lotion, lotion, lotion… fragrance free preferably and keep it clean. Minimizes scabbing and heals much smoother.

Going under the needle for more Wednesday myself.

I DO use lotion but usually not for the first 24 hours. I try and leave it alone for that time then I use A and D. I try to not let anything touch it, even my hands. After 24 hours I do a and d 2 times a day. It was just this morning that when I threw it really killed but now it’s fine. I put lotion on and it’s fine. Still can’t kwijibo that well but it feels better.

This isn’t my first peice. I have a sleeve and some random stuff here and there, but it’s my first chest piece and it’s definitely the most sensitive area so far.

I can’t wait to get it finished and then move on to another project

Did anyone notice the one cat is wearing glasses?


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Hahahaha, I don’t think anyone did. You can barely see it but in the real mt Rushmore Teddy Rosevelt is wearing glasses. And George Washington has a big, crazy collar, so we added one to GW cat.

Thanks for noticing

So…why the heck Mt.Rushmore and more importantly…why cats?!