So I got my little brother into this...

Ay more? I’d like to make the purchase here at yye cuz it’s just more fun. I get trading cards so it’s infinitely better lol.

You’re seriously going to recommend that for a 9 year old who doesn’t really know how to throw?

I wouldn’t even buy most of those for my 7 year old who DOES know how to throw. Then again, he has access to mine. I did get him a Rally and a Speedaholic at Nationals. He further wanted a OneStar. I am debating getting him a Gnarwal for Christmas.

I still stand by my recommendations for plastics. It just makes more sense.

I keep pretty good track of him. He’s not allowed to throw outside and if he does, the yoyo will become mine until I feel that he is ready. He’s been playin my puffin and summit lately too. He always wants to do the whip tricks that I do but he’s progressing beautifully. Right now I’m looking at the Nova and the Superstar. Always nice to start with YYF. Then you get into the sought after brands.

I agree with Studio42 about getting a magic yoyo. They are seriously dirt cheap and really good starter metals. I got the N8, N9, and N12, and I seriously think they are a good choice. If your bro has small hands get him an N8.

So 20$ is the price of dirt now?

no. Dirt is land and land is worth much more than $20. The land that my house is on is worth a lot cuz there’s a house on it. Real estate ladies. I think this is how land works. But I know dirt is worth more than $20.

Depends if you’re talking real estate, fill dirt, clean fill, recovered dirt, landfill or enriched for gardening.

Dirt is cheap even at $50 because you can use it for growing food, filling holes, making pies for your rotten neighbors, ect. Lol

filling holes for your neighbors after they eat the pies. We both know what you put in the pie.

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You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Well this topic got out of hand, lol ;D