So I cant decide between....

Hi yoyo experts I’m having a really tough time deciding whether or not I should buy a YYF supernova lite or a CLYW Sasquatch. I’ve herd only great things from both but I’ve never thrown a CLYW yoyo before so I only have knowledge of them from reviews and videos. I love My 888x and my G5+ and what I look for in a yoyo is feel, stability and spin time. If anyone can help make things more clear it’'d be greatly appreciated. Thanks

well i think the sasquatch is a amazing yoyo. and also since you have a 888 and a g5 trying a new brand would be good

Yeah I’ve always wanted to try another brand because other then my bu$ine$$ and 2%milk all I have are YYF yoyo’s but its because I love how they play, that and a lot of my favorite players throw YYF.