What CLYW to get


What CLYW should I get. I like heavier ones long spinning and stable.


Scout or Cliff is what I’d grab


From what you said, I’d say to get a cliff. But ii have a cheif, honestly my favorite all around to yoyo


Sasquatch seems right up your alley.


Yep, Sasquatch is their most stable, solid, and long spinning yoyo! Cliff is a fantastic throw, but is a bit more floaty and a lot of people don’t think it’s comfortable, and would be a little tougher to get your hands on as well considering they are no longer produced.

Sasquatchs are still in stock here and quite a few other stores. That sounds like a perfect throw for you.


Sasquatch, I’m more on the floaty side, but the Sasquatch is so nice to throw, I just love the thing.

Besides that I couldn’t find a cliff to save my live, people hold on to those things


Get a canvas

No, JUst kidding


I only own a bonfire out of all CLYW’s and for whatever reason it’s my favorite of all my throws.


Old sasquatch or the new one?


I love the Cliff

(major_seventh) #11

Sasquatch for your preferences.

My favorites are the Bonfire and Chief.


get the orca


I have quite afew metals for an intermediate player. My favorite throw out of all of them is my only CLYW Bonfire. I feel it has balance of many aspects as welll as some float to it. It’s fun and a pretty good performer. This is a good introductory yoyo to the company CLYW according to the High speed yoyo review and I feel this opinion is accurate. But like many are saying you really can’t go wrong with any CLYW it’s just preference if you don’t know your preference try get a bonfire used on the BST or even a chief(one of the all time greats). Currently I’ve never tried a undersized throw but if I did have one wihtout hesitation I’d hit up the WM2. AS far as over sized the Cliff used on the BST is what I would choose.


A chief or cliff fits the description

But if u want something a little lighter, perhaps a bonfire :slight_smile:




I own a 2010 Sasquatch, but I’ve never played a 2014 (Really want to based on HighSpeed’s review)

A Chief may be a great throw to look into also, just a hair more floaty than the Sasquatch, but spins just as long and has a distinct shape that’s very comfortable to play with. The Cheif and Sasquatch are my two go to throws when i’m not feeling like I need to use the fastest playing yoyo I own (Caesar).