Looking forward to a change in yoyos. ive been throwing yyf yoyos and looking for somethjing different. So i thought of something thats good to throw. CLWY i said. Now im choices are Wolly Marmot, Sasquatch and the new Avalanche. I love to throw solid yoyos, im not really in to floaty yoyos. i also like full sized yoyos but the wolly isnt a full sized yoyo but it seems that its a good yoyo. I really dont know anything about Clwy so plsease do help me. I know that Wolly and Avaanche are both out of stuck but will be restockin soon. I still have to save for the yoyo. So what should i get?

well the avalanche and sasquatch are almost the same, but the sasquatch is heavier then avalanche, so I think sasquatch

Hmmmmm… Caribou Lodge Works Yoyo…

lol. To politely intervene, the correct abbreviation is CLYW (for Caribou Lodge YoYo Works).

Now that that’s out of the way, much of CLYW’s arsenal are benchmarks for floatiness. So if floaty isn’t you’re thing, and you like full size, go with the Sasquatch for sure. Caribou Chris himself described the Sasquatch to me as full size and solid, which seems to fit your preferences well. On the same token he described the Avalanche as floaty, which kind of rules that out for you.

Sasquatch is in stock here and now, I’d say jump on it. CLYW usually leaves pretty lengthy gaps in time between runs, so if you wait too long you might not be able to get your hands on another one for a good while.