So happy to be home-schooled

So my mom has put down yoyoing as my P.E. so I’m getting PE credit for yoyoing and that made me wonder if anyone else here is home-schooled do you do any yoyoing for any credits or even if your in public school is there a class where they tell you that you can throw in?

I too, was homeschooled for the majority of my life, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a shame I wasn’t throwing during the time I was home schooled cause I had a lot more free time and could’ve spent so much more time yoyoing.

I’m homeschooled (i take a couple classes at the community college though). My yoyoing does not count. :’(
yoyoing it is not exactly physical though haha

I’m SUPER glad to be homeschooled though. I don’t have to deal with all the highschool/public school crap.

I’m not certain what P.E. is like in Turkey but as great as yoyoing is… it won’t keep you in shape. P.E. should be about much more than just a single skill or activity, it’s about staying healthy through diet, exercise and creating a healthy lifestyle. I encourage you to commit yourself to pursue the knowledge and skills that will help you live a long, happy, healthy life.

Enjoy the yoyoing!

(Yes, I’m a P.E. Teacher)

Lol i pretty much have 4 PE’s then one at school nonstop 40 min run/jog 2hr wrestling practice/Varsity matches then at home i do 5 mile jog and 30 min practice of more wrestling And did i mension im 205 pounds? and thats every day lol

So are you happy with your BMI?

wow, i thought i was the only home schooled guy on here!

Its cool to find more guys like me.

I’m in public school and though I won’t be taking any PE either this year or next year I did have the option to take leisure and recreation where they go bowling and stuff like that as a PE credit. I bet yoyoing would count as a credit there

I am home-schooled too!

I was home schooled from the start, and graduated high school as home schooled and now am in my second year of college.
Homeschool success and I couldn’t be happier.


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My Parents won’t let me be home schooled

Not a bad career choice. Torturing Children for a living


I’m home schooled, but I don’t know how yoyoing could be counted as P.E. It’s basically just movement with your hands, so it’s not like it’s a work out or exerciser like it’s suppose to be.
For my P.E, I used to work out at Gold’s Gym with my mom every morning before school, but just a few weeks ago my mom ordered an “at home work out” set up, and it came with all this equipment for exercising along with this Blue Ray movie thing that shows us what work outs to do. So my mom cancelled are Gym membership and we just do it at home everyday.
Anyways, but I don’t know about yoyoing counting as P.E class. But as long as you and your parents are happy with the way you are home schooled, then it’s fine I guess. :slight_smile:

I’m home schooled and I just do random things for P.E. (Swimming, hiking, etc.) a lot of what I’ve been doing recently is getting better nutrition eating less meat and juicing.

I was home-schooled up until 7th grade.

Home-schooling was amazing because we went on fieldtrips like a billion times a month.

And I didn’t have to get up early, or wait for the bus, or do any of that nonsense.

But school wasn’t so bad either. Homeschool was great, and public school kinda sucked at times, but there was still a lot of enjoyable things about it.

You lazy bum! I’m home schooled and I would never consider yo-yoing as PE. I consider it a hobby. Doing something that actually causes you to sweat is PE.

I laughed.

I <3 being homeschooled. My second language is lolcat. DO U KNOE WUT I MEEN? I DOEZ SKOOL IN MAH PAJAMAS. I am incredibly fluent :smiley: But to quit acting like a noob, I am doing Biology and I speak a good bit of German. I also enjoy Algebra 2 while listening to Yes and Transatlantic. ;D

BMI is soo inaccurate, it’s actually funny.