snurf to do with a trigger

(Owen) #1

so, I like doin stuff with my trigger. They arent really mods but whatever.

SO, one thing thats kinda fun to do with the trigger is to take the rings out, remove the sticker, and put the rings back in sticky side down. That helps the rings stay in a little better and made my trigger much smoother (Make sure the rings are in perfectly flat)

Another thing you can do is once you remove them rings and put em back in sticky side down, put some glue on the rings via a gluestick (you know, the ones with the purple glue in them) and then DROWN THEM IN GLITTER. It makes the trigger look so BA its not even funny. (I call it the gay vampire mod but its not even a mod so whatever)

One final thing I like to do with my triggers I get is take that middle sticker thing off and cut a piece of paper the same size of it and draw a little swirly on it and then put that where the middle trigger sticker was. The swirly thing is just what I like on my jojos, you can draw whatevvv you want.

So yeah, ghetto trigger mods.


Neymo. That’s cool and all but you can’t type put this awesome mod and not take a picture…


(2Sick Joey) #3

Still want a Trigger for some reason!


me too! I’ve always wanted a pink one since I saw shadowz in a video :slight_smile:


now i want a trigger! Also add pictures please!