Snipes on eBay?

So what are some of your greatest steals on eBay? Post them here! I recently started buying from eBay. Here’s a pretty great deal!

I looked at the title and got scared.

Is this allowed?

Whew thought there was CLYW headquarter breach or something.


yeah I was scared for a second there.

Still have no idea what a Snipe is… Is it the same thing as the Bear Trap?

We don’t talk about it.

Yes, it may annoy people but if they don’t put a reserve on it or start it at a higher price then they have to be willing for it to go cheap.

lol It’s a CLYW yoyo that was never made, and never will be…

Like you know…

I believe he was referring to posting about buying yoyos on Ebay on YYE.

I’m not sure if the prices were a steal , but I am very happy I sniped them and added them to my collection:)

Mint in box 2nd run 5star $225
Mint first run 5 star $207

I won both actions from the same seller.