Sniffy-Yo Logo - George

I inquired with Sniffy about his logo, the little guy with the long nose and little feet. He stated that in short, it was a cartoon character named George that he drew. He is not a particular animal, just a character he came up with. When I first saw George, I thought he was an animal, I was thinking an anteater type animal maybe. I wonder if anyone else was curious about him. Has George ever been on a T-shirt? Keychains? I’d like to see a stuffed version of George sitting on the desk overseeing the reviews as they happen. That would be cool.

Also, maybe if Sniffy could tell us if George plays with Yo-Yos or would rather chill and watch others play. I noticed that he’s not upright, so it would be hard to yo-yo. Maybe a George comic strip on the site someday? Does George communicate? If so…how? (to view pic of George)

Any thoughts…post.

Update 8/18/12
George will be on a leather holder soon, holder giveaway contest on Sniffy site soon.

I too have been curious about him, I thought his name was Sniffy, with the review site being called Sniffy-Yo and having the long nose. I like him though.

Yeah, I wonder what he’d look like if you saw him from the front, face to face. I wondered if he’d have one big nostril like Qbert (or that thing on the top of a snork), or two nostrils…or maybe none, just one solid nose with no holes. Also, if he has a tail that wagged to his right when his picture was taken…we just can’t see it…oh and if the marks on his side represent shadowing, or if he’s just fit, gets his exercise, and his rib cage is showing through a bit…kinda muscular…

Wow! No offense sniffy i feel really bad now. You know those people that have slap stick humor, I thought your little dude was a small brown turd dude with legs and you were just being sarcastic. :-[
I never even seen the mouth and nose until now.

Oh so that’s what it is… Cool.

I always thought it was some weird piece of bacon or something with legs. I never really looked too closely at it, but I’ve always wondered what it was.

I thought it was something with gross humor.

With a nose, seemed sorta ironic to me…

…oh, and I wonder if he came to life if he’d be hairy, or fleshy… :-\

Woah, I like your thinking.

I need to meet you!

I guess if it makes people curious it works…

I thought what he said.

Thats why I never purchased the kittah code 2. Didn’t want a turd on it. :-\


That really made me laugh.

I really want to know how they got that anno’d like that tho.

These are pretty funny. I’ve never heard bacon George before.
Maybe brown wasn’t the best choice.

Here’s Xmas party George from 2 years ago…
@Sniffyo on twitter

The guys at Monkeyfinger created their own entirely new process for Teh Kitteh ano.

17 Likes, 8 Comments - Louis Alley (@cornellouis) on Instagram: “#todaysthrow #onedrop #monkeyfinger "Teh Kitteh" CODE 2 ano tests”
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That’s insane!

No need to feel bad. George can be anything you want him to be.
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Even bacon? :stuck_out_tongue:

Christmas party George was blue…was he feeling sad during the holidays? :’( Just kidding, looks cute blue, and also facing a different direction.

Even bacon. George is very flexible.
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George takes the holiday season very seriously.
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