I have a question for you all

I take good care yesh I will



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I was listening to the song Blue Moon when I clicked on your post.

Is that your suit? I like the eyes.

It’s a suit?!?!


Plz go.

so this is probably a rant on all the people asking questions on the general post section

It looks like a partial. Head, arm length gloves, feet, tail. Probably film-grade faux fur, and possibly recessed eyes so it always is looking at you. Could be wrong, viewing on phone

Maybe Josh is becoming one of those deep artsy types. Like this is probably some really deep metaphorical post that symbolizes how people who are always asking for yoyos are like wolves, searching for prey, but finding none, constantly scavenging for food, banished to lead a life in the wilderness, viewed as a deadly creature. Or, maybe he just wants a yoyo. ;D

Everyone who wants yo-yo should be entitled to yo-yo, regardless of species :wink:


The tongue is kinda creepy.

Haha. :smile:

The photo makes it look a bit odd.
To see more photos of myself as Sky, you can check my flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/87767488@N05/
all of my photography work is there too, haha.

That threat photo…

There are some really nice photos in there!

Dude this can work to your advantage! Remember guys the yoyo league (or whatever it’s called) made a rule that points can be awarded for wearing costumes that can make it harder to yoyo! It may not actually make it harder but they don’t know that! And I gotta say Josh those pictures are amazing! I’ve started a little photography my self and this might help