My new Sig

Look down. :’(

Yes,I understand that you are grieving but this looks like you’re bragging in my perspective.

I’m on my iPod and can’t see signatures, could some kind soul please write what it says?

It’s a pic of Sniffy

No, I’m just saying. I’m sad for his death. I’m not bragging about anything.

oh. Thanks.

Wait, what happened to sniffy?

he passed away.

I think that signature is great, Yoyokid8. I think it is touching, and it would be nice to see it there for awhile. It is a way to keep George visible to everyone on YYE forum.

I believe it’s touching as well, but making a thread about this was completely irrational.

You mean the user did or just metaphorically?

Sniffy ,the user, is dead.