Sniffy is posting…

I’m not really sure what is happening… Is it a hacker? Did he not die? I am really confused… This breaks my heart…



I noticed this too…

On his account it says feb 5 was last post

Check the most recent posts…;u=9114

NO , it says, last active: today at 9:11 pm

Wait… Someone deleted the posts… Now I’m really confused…  Check the last time he was logged in though…

I just saw the post. Had to do a double take. Maybe he let someone be a backup. All theories aside, I’m worried too…

I think it was family on the account.

It’s kind of crazy how they came on here just to post blame on the Landlord’s boyfriend being the cause of this, despite Sniffy outcrying about having no real Family… No information regarding Sniffy, no memories to share, nothing. :’(

Kind of made my stomach sick, I’m glad it was moderated.

RIP Sniffy.


He passed away on the 8th of February… :’(

That’s exactly why I don’t understand why someone went on his account. :’(

as SkyHighYo said, its probably just family.

RIP Sniffy :’(

What did the post say? If it was an ad, its a hacker.

RIP sniffy :frowning:

An ad? An ad? why would you break into someones account to post an ad?
Every post has to end with:

RIP sniffy

Why would someone hack his account? Someone posted a link on how he died, I believe he took his own life.

RIP Sniffy you will always be remembered.

RIP Sniffy.

The mods can find out, contact Jhb or someone.