Shouldn't be aloud!

These sigs are too mental to be aloud.



This is really annoying.

Yes, it is extremely annoying, and I hope YYE does something about it.

and yes, I actually did thank him for that post, it’s not just his signature…

Thanks for giving me my new sig! :smiley:

Just kidding! But honestly, it’s not a big deal. If someone does thank that person when they post, you’ll see the real “thank you” under there fake signature ‘thank you’. Just gotta memorize who has that as there sig.

And if you’re unsure, click on there profile, you’ll see the ‘thank you’s’ as their sig if they’re fake

EDIT: the real thank you’s will appear above the fake ones. My bad, got it confused

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Legyoyo you’re hilarious

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If it means anything, I started that trend 8)

BUT, I did it of ME thanking myself 4 times, not like all my favorite YYE posters doing it. I think Apollo’s sig is quite annoying, moreso than the old brony ones.

Just an FYI… It is “allowed” not “aloud”.


Lol yeah I was gonna correct him on that saying something like “Yeah, those really shouldnt be so noisy” but i didnt :wink:

Exuding self-importance is one thing, but when you’re creating fake endorsements by other members who might not agree with you, that’s a whole new level of straight up lying and using their name in a very disrespectful manner.

LOL that’s why I didn’t click on this topic for so long because I thought something was noisy haha

I concur. These signatures should be read quietly and not aloud.

I tend to find large signatures more annoying than anything

Everyone here Owes Apollo2 a Thank you for changing his signature

Thanks Apollo you did the right thing :wink:

Let’s see if we can give him more thank yous than his old signature had? :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s not do that.

I thought it was a pretty clever sig. :slight_smile:


Well I mean… Every time I look at your sig I get stared down by some creepy eyes… Were the fake thank you’s any worse?

I agree it was clever and funny at first, but it quickly got annoying after having to do a double-take every time I saw it.