:) or :-)?

Alright guys, I want to prove to everyone in the yoyo community that when you make a smily face, THERE IS NO NOSE!!! The nose drives me crazy. It turns a cute face into a psyco Voldemort pumpkin hamster mutation. Comment your preference. Actually, no. Comment about how terrible the nose is, because I am sure no one likes psyco Voldemort pumpkin hamsters.

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the nose can step on a lego :frowning:

Woah there, slow down tiger, I said I didn’t like the nose, not I want to cause the nose eternal suffering and suck out any happiness it has ever felt. Geez.



Oh what is that? Did Squidward and Peter Griffin have forum babies? For gods sake what’s wrong with :slight_smile: ?

Know what i hate more is when they turn it into a yellow face automatically.


It’s always :slight_smile:
Anyone who says otherwise should be put in an asylum.


Elongated nose :stuck_out_tongue:




…you people…



Hey, I like that :]