Are you in the top 3 percent for asking dumb questions?

Well, we know at least 3 people now… 1. The first clown to ask a worthless question. And the 2nd clown for asking worthless question part 2.

And ‘me’ for asking why people ask such pointless questions, that not only are impossible to prove the results, but the results are totally meaningless.

You guys are gonna have to stop bouncing those heavy yoyos off your heads.

If I keep swinging around this Clownbat, I’m gonna get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, lol


Without even reading the content of your post, the title made my day. Thank you for that, my day sucked.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard after reading a post. But, come on Yoyodoc, at least make it a poll, so I can cast my meaningless vote about whether I’m in the 3 percent. :smiley: We could have had even more fun in here. I surely would vote no, no matter what the truth is. :wink:

This one is a classic. :smiley:

What does a nose smell like?

You have no idea how bad I want to make a “are you in the top 3 percent for asking dumb questions that answered this poll?” thread.

I’d rather see a “top 3 percent who know it all, but need help with reading comprehension,” thread. The meaningless results of that one, would be far more entertaining. :smiley:

I have to take this literally, because I’ve been dying to take a stab at it. :smiley: I have only smelled the inside of my nose and the lining of my nose baseline, without any other odors or scents around, smells like what I know to be “nothing.” Occasionally, what is nothing, smells like something, dependent upon what has been recently experienced by my upper lip. I have never smelled my outer nose, and presume it smells like most of the rest of me, presumably a forearm. I presume that if it smelled like an armpit, I might know by now. Yet, if I have smelled the armpit since I was born, would I notice it so much? I’m not sure, because babies have armpits, but they don’t smell like adults. :-\ But, all babies have a nose. I have smelled a baby’s nose, and it smelled like a forearm. But, I have been close enough to smell the nose of adults too, and I can confirm, on that basis, that a nose smells mostly like a forearm.

My final answer is…a forearm. :smiley: What did I win? ;D


That was, without a doubt, the single best post I have ever read. I have been humoured in a massive way, and I’m loving it.

Unfortunately you can’t be awarded with the Nobel Prize until we’ve done at least a dozen double-blind-placebo-controlled smelling tests on peoples noses and forearms. If your hypothesis matches up with our findings, then you shall be handsomely compensated for your scientific discovery.

Personally, I’d love to do a nose .vs. forearm baby smelling test, but I don’t think that I can just walk up to some random mother in the middle of London and ask if I can smell her baby’s face.

Although, gotta be said, babies smell good… damn good. If they could bottle that fragrance and turn it into a mans aftershave, we’d be set for life.

Hey, none of that hate on Philip. Seriously, I think his question was an interesting idea.

That part 2 thing though…

:smiley: I’m dying of laughter now. I honestly think it’s a deep question. Now that I think of it, I’m wrong, because my forearm smells a little like lotion or soap right now. :-\ It’s a great question though. I know it was not to be taken literally, but it was fun trying to find an answer, from a literal point of view. I’m glad when it’s all said and done…we have a sense of humor about things. We can be a fun bunch, for sure. Thanks Gambit.


While there is an ounce of truth in every joke, as they say, this is mostly humor. The OP even pokes fun at himself a bit. There is a moral to it all. Many of us post to entertain ourselves and engage, but it is not always the content you would expect from such a bright bunch. So, we just have to learn to laugh at ourselves sometimes. We all contribute to some degree to the kinds of things discussed…that’s what makes it so funny. Did you read the nose conversation? If you get bored with the polls, read that one. :wink:

It’s not really that you’ve let me down, but that you’ve let yourself down.

My theory is that perhaps the inside of our noses does indeed smell but since we’re so used to it from birth you get used to it…

However there unfortunately is no way of smelling the inside of someone elses nose without encroaching on some kind of social faux-pas or human rights violation. Maybe we should ask an Inuit, they’re always rubbing noses…

I think you’re right, because nothing only smells like nothing, because it’s the first something you have ever smelled. Every other smell, smells like something, compared to nothing. But, nothing was never nothing…just the very first something, so you considered it nothing, because you had nothing to compare it to in the first place.

Deep stuff. So, I cannot speak on the inner nose, but the outer flesh of the nose, we can explore.

Just so this thread doesn’t get moved to “unrelated,” I now believe a nose smells like…a yo-yo, not a forearm. ;D

My brain! My sweet sweet grey matter!!

Oh yeh, yoyos. Forgot about that…er… I’m sure that wood ones smell pretty nice. Mmmmm… that maple…

We need a “play moderator” thread percent. ;D

Um what did I just read?